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An Open Letter to People

Dear People,

We love you very much and are proud of all of your accomplishments and amazing ability to empathize, care for, entertain, and defend each other in good times and bad. We both knew that when you came on the scene things would never be the same, but we also knew that there was a latent danger in imbuing you with a myriad of wonderful physical and mental attributes. Our worry was that you would not be able to contain yourselves and that in doing the aforementioned you would forget that as stewards you are required to do the same – sans the entertaining part – for this awe inspiring planet you have been given. Intelligence is a gift and a curse! It is obvious that you are not currently hearing our cries of anger and sadness. We are not eager to inflict wounds to our skin and the organisms that subsist on our bounty just so you get the picture, but will do so if it is the only way. We are left to wonder when you will realize that tapping every one of our veins for your fossil fuel needs without paying anything forward is neither sustainable nor respectful of those with whom you share this planet. We are writing this letter on behalf of all those in our terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that can’t speak for themselves nor can they defend themselves when you really want something! This is also an effort to appeal to your parental sense and sensibility, because passing the baton on these issues is no longer feasible as you’re children’s investment in this effort to reverse our deleterious trajectory will be nullified if you don’t act immediately with purpose and altruism. Stop couching everything in terms of national security and gross domestic product. At this point we want you to internalize Carrying Capacity Vs. Exponential Growth, which in case you aren’t familiar with how they look graphically are two diametric concepts/forces. In good conscience we can only allow a certain number of you to live off this planet’s resources and beyond that carnage the likes of which we have never forced you to deal with will be the norm not the exception. Additionally, we ask that you aim to live simply so that others may simply live.

Our love and concern for your well-being is strong but when we gave you dominion over this planet we knew that someday we would have to shower you with some “tough love”. So, it is with much regret that we lay out how things will be from now on if you don’t decide change your role on this planet from one of fiefdom to that of cooperative participant in ensuring long-term health and happiness of all species great and small. We will no longer be able to feed you in a timely fashion and at all in some areas of the world. It will no longer be able to separate those of you that care from those that don’t and all will feel the wrath of our disappointment. Drought will be unpredictable, storm intensity and frequency will not adhere to any empirical norm, and we will leave you by the side of the road when you do indeed tap all of our lifeblood. These conditions will lead to upheaval on a scale not yet seen anywhere. Our cries have not been acknowledged and consequently yours will as well when you begin to choke on your gluttony. Why so harsh you may ask? We can only respond my noting that our please have been consistent and in a variety of forms, with some more subtle than others, but all meant to get you to listen. We ask what is it that was done to you that you have such contempt for your neighbors even those most like you the gorillas and chimpanzees that many of you feel need to be erased so as to not remind us of where we came from and others still look at those that do as apostate. You talk so often about wanting to go to heaven and not hell, well what about the here and now? What is so bad about this planet that you feel the continued need to bend it to your collective will? The non-human inhabitants of this planet can’t fight back against your guns and fishing trawlers and fences and sprawl. However we can and we will retaliate, because at the end of the day you can’t shoot down or bomb into submission a hurricane, snow storm, drought, or pandemic. So, we just want you to know while we are your biggest fans we can also very easily and with not much more provocation become your worst enemies.


Mother Nature & Father Time

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