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Cheers to you Mr. Fine!

I think it is about time we salute the beacon of light that is Glenn Fine the Justice Department’s pugnacious Inspector General. You see folks while we were all looking forward to January 19th, 2009 he was working diligently to bring some semblance of respect back to the department that risks losing its title. Mr. Fine has gained bi-partisan support from Arlen Specter and Patrick Leahy for staying above the morally corrupt fray in the DOJ. When the entire department looked like it lacked even a modicum of scruples Mr. Fine reminded us that some were worried about their reputation and alas upholding the law. This man’s pragmatic and methodical internal investigation, while not really uncovering anything salacious, did buttress claims from those in the know at the ACLU and elsewhere and those who smelled a rat without actually seeing one like yours truly. We can only hope that Eric Holder need not be raked over the IG’s coals like Alberto and Mr. Mukasey. However, after this brief congratulatory note it is worth asking the question of the aforementioned members of the judiciary committee: If you have such high praise for Mr. Fine and virtually jumped up and hugged Mr. Holder when he agreed that waterboarding is torture why sirs did you do nothing about it? You’ll get reactions from both and others on the committee that they did in fact work tirelessly to quell the heinously biased activities of Alberto & Co, however, I would contend the filibuster option with respect to Mukasey was available and you chose against it. Why because former Senator Bill Frist said that if you employed it the Republicans would change the law? You know what we should have seen who blinked first on that one gentleman. The filibuster is one bedrock tools of our democracy and when most assured that you were right you coward in the face of Rove’s spin machine, which would have immediately labeled you as unpatriotic. So, you left it up to Mr. Fine’s diligence and lucky for us he had a spine and was not willing to sacrifice his integrity for secrecy and illegal dealings of his colleagues. I hope that when something like this comes up again those in the senate will do the same, because if we can’t depend on them then the next stop is an imperial presidency. Oh yeah that worked real well!

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