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This from a recent article about the schism between the Anglicans of England lead by Rowan Williams and the boys of the Holy See lead by Pope Benedict XVI:

“The trouble with the Anglican Church is that it has adopted a parliamentary model and one that presumes change and presumes everyone can have a say…I think it’s become a kind of fascist democracy.” from Reverend John Broadhurst an Anglican traditionalist

So I think the Pope and his boys at the Vatican have finally found their ideological match in Reverend Broadhurst. I mean after all who would want to allow a church’s flock to have its say in anything. I wonder does letting everyone have a say mean that a regime is fascist? That seems kinda odd and pretty much diametrically opposed to everything I thought the word democracy stood for. I think Reverend Broadhurst is like those Republican men in Congress and the Senate that scream and yell about homosexuality and then get caught in some airport lavatory trying to solicit their neighbor in the stall next door or the Christian Right leader who lambastes adoption of children by gays and lesbians, while simultaneously taking trips with male escorts or the megachurch hypocrites Ted Haggard (to juicy to discuss here!) and Eddie L. Long.

A true theological democracy would not permit these men to act as if they are the incarnation of God but rather what they are supposed to be, which is the servant of God and their parish. This distorted view of religious leadership has permeated into and between churches and capitals around the world for quite a while now and it is manifesting itself in some pretty unbecoming ways, whether it be Karzai, Ahmadinejad, Erdogan, and Netanyahu in Persia and the Middle East or Bush, Beck, and Palin here in the West. Presuming change is a good thing contrary to the warped statement form Reverend Broadhurst and no where is change and revolution needed more than in the Institutional Religious Complexes of the world. The flippant, feckless, arrogant, and short-term statements and rulings of these people and their religious gurus at a time when responsibility and bombastic rhetoric is on the verge of setting off a huge conflagration that will make life for future generations difficult to say the least is really pathetic and selfish. So I would just conclude by saying that for all the issues these religious and state “leaders” could weigh in on I find it amazing that they have chosen such petty and sectarian quests. I suggest they focus on climate change (forget the science just focus on the altruistic nature of the cause), the role of capitalism, human rights, animal cruelty, and education. This should provide them with decades of work………..and what they crave most accolades!

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