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Separating Fact From Fiction

Convenient Thomas Jefferson Fidelity

I just received an amazingly convenient reading of Thomas Jefferson today and I would like for the record to address some of the convenient stuff. First I am listing my rebuttal and below you will find the quotes from the email. Enjoy!

To All
I just can’t let this lauding of some of TJ’s work go without parsing the other side of the story.
OK I understand the admiration for TJ as I have tons myself, but keep in mind he was a willing owner of slaves.
This idea that there are tons of folks out there not willing to work and looking for those that are to bail them out is nonsense. The people that received the biggest bail out weren’t the bottom half or bottom 99% it was the top 0.001Percenters. Look at AIG, Goldman, Citi, hedge funds galore. They got bailed out because much of what we feel is sacrosanct about capitalism failed that is undeniable. I for one would be happy to work full-time for way less than the folks at the Big Banksters get paid PER WEEK!! But because the financial industry collapsed under CDOs, CDSs, leverage, and real-estate BS I can’t get a job and I know tons of folks like me. This argument that this all comes down to Obama and it is all his fault is so much nonsense if you believe honestly that what just happened stems from the last 2 years IN ISOLATION your crazy and need heavy dose of rationality. I know Socialists, I know Marxists, I know liberals and conservatives. Obama is hardly a left-winger and would laugh at the thought of embracing socialism I am sure. Read the rest of this entry »

My Ideas for Ameliorating The Next Great Recession

The following is an excerpt from a book I am working on geared towards Generation X and the prevention of The Great Decoupling,

According to the FDIC you Mr. Big Banker (i.e., 109 banks with more than $10 billion in assets) have no qualms with giving depositors a measly 0.8% annually, while the country’s 7,651 local/smaller banks paid 1.29% vs. values of 0.49% and 0.69% in 2009 [184], respectively, even though it was you not them that we the taxpayer bailed out and we Generation X will continue to feel the austerity backlash of for years to come. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a fifth-grader for that matter much in the way of mental exertion to understand how easy it is to mint huge profits when you borrow money from The Fed or investors for the aforementioned paltry rates and lend it to private citizens or the Tim Geithner led Treasury at 3-4%, however, in doing so you Mr. Banker are failing to do what you most likely state in your charters “furnishing money to firms and funding capital investments.” [185] We need our banks to act as utilities not casinos. Banks must stop making in the words of the Bank of England’s Andrew Haldane mirages look like miracles and just do your boring but admittedly useful service to society absent extraordinarily leverage and quarterly bonuses. If they refuse Generation X must by any means necessary make them stop because their reckless gallivanting is only hurting the long-term viability of this country and in a more circuitous way this planet and possibly even the true principles of democracy. This will involve Generation X when we get the reins of power putting serious constraints on capitalism and more specifically the financial sector including the ten steps listed below: Read the rest of this entry »

Oscar Pix

My Oscar Picks for 2010-2011. Keep in mind I have not seen Biutiful yet and from all previews and reviews it sounds like a winner on many fronts including Javier as Best Actor.

Picture: Inception
Director: David O. Russell (Although I would write-in Mike Nolan for Inception)
Actor: Colin Firth (ALTHOUGH I have a feeling I would choose Bardem as Biutiful looks awesome)
Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Supporting Actor: Christian Bale (Although John Hawkes was brilliant)
Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld
Best Adapted Screenplay: Winter’s Bone
Best Original Screenplay: Inception
Foreign Language: Haven’t seen any yet
Documentary: Inside Job (easiest pick for me)
Animated: haven’t seen any
Cinematography: Inception
Editing: Haven’t seen DVD extra scenes yet!! Worst Editing The Social Network for not editing out the entire movie and sparring us all!!
Best Art: Inception
Costume: True Grit
Makeup: who knows
Original Score: The King’s Speech
Best Original Song: Don’t know any of them
Best Sound: Inception
Best Sound Editing: Inception
Best Visual Effects: Inception
Best Animated Short: Haven’t seen any
Best Live Action Short: Haven’t seen any
Best Documentary Short: Haven’t seen any

Giffords and Judge Roll Would Be Ashamed

In the wake of the horrible and senseless actions in Tucson last weekend I was not surprised but definitely fearful of what the response would be among the political elites. Instead of hearing them say we need to get out into our communities more and spend less time wining and dining lobbyists and the political punditocracy in DC or make a pledge to stop bullshitting us about everything from the country’s long-term fiscal and monetary stability to Peak Oil….WE GET people like Robert Brady a Democratic Pennsylvanian congressman proposing Political Exceptionalism laws. Read the rest of this entry »