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Giffords and Judge Roll Would Be Ashamed

In the wake of the horrible and senseless actions in Tucson last weekend I was not surprised but definitely fearful of what the response would be among the political elites. Instead of hearing them say we need to get out into our communities more and spend less time wining and dining lobbyists and the political punditocracy in DC or make a pledge to stop bullshitting us about everything from the country’s long-term fiscal and monetary stability to Peak Oil….WE GET people like Robert Brady a Democratic Pennsylvanian congressman proposing Political Exceptionalism laws.

What do I mean by this? Well Mr. Brady is proposing to make threats against congress a more vile form of threat than those against an average citizen ipso facto placing a crown and septor in the hands of anyone office. He is also proposing a ban of all “Threatening Symbols and Language”. This is the kind of thing we came to expect from the likes of Yoo, Fife, Cheney, Addington, Rummy, etc. not Democrats, but here we find ourselves. A Democrat jumping the gun like everyone in DC did prior to invading Iraq and the financial bailout, using fear to get things done that insure their safety and stranglehold on the debate and the conduit. Who decides what “Threatening” means? If it is folks like AZ governor Jan Brewer and her man-servant/henchman Russell Pierce (i.e., author of AZ SB 1070) who are looking to qualitatively define the word “reasonable” in “reasonable suspicion” relative to SB 1070’s xenophobic backbone count me out. Congress is simply looking to cover/protect their asses in the wake of Tucson because the real solutions that would require them to act like adults, stop trying to turn us on our neighbors, and actually be honest with each other and the American people seem to be out of reach for these less than serious representatives. On both sides of the aisle they would prefer the lazy to the necessary and the back to the front door.

A lethal or violent threat against anyone of any stripe, ethnicity, sex, occupation needs to be treated seriously with no exceptions. You can’t just go around saying you want to insight this or that upon another person or living creature for that matter. BUT what you shouldn’t be able to do and what Mr. Brady is proposing is to make he and his colleagues some sort of demegogue whose lives are more precious than your average Joe the Plumber! You threaten someones life you need to pay the consequences plain and simple. Would Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck fall under Mr. Brady’s law because they sure as heck take great pleasure in instigating. Is there a linear line connecting these two goofballs to Tucson? Nope! HOWEVER there is a non-linear if not second or third polynomial that could easily be constructed that would show the linkage.

Finally the brave and apparently extraordinarily exceptional congress seems to think another way to combat a Tucson redux would be either to: a) pack some heat in the Capital or b) get more security.

I have an alternative that would be slightly more laborious but far more beneficial to them and their constituents. Work together, stop acting like babies, come and see those of that put you there and that you seem to have forgotten you answer to NOT just every 2, 4, 0r 6 years but all the time. The positive feedback congress and the punditocracy in DC has created has left them all thinking they are the sons and daughters of Zeus rather than the sons and daughters of a nation that is in serious short- and long-term disarray. Preventive measures like the ones I suggest are far more effective and needed than the dramatic and hyperbolic emergency relief proposed from inside The Beltway.

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