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President Obama has completely embraced his capitulation side at this point as is demonstrated by Paul Krugman’s recent salvo in the direction of the White House. AND my comment regarding PK’s pointed piece (See Below).

Forget 5 for every 1 job PK I finished my Ph.D. a year ago and only now am getting second interviews. In my field broadly classified as Environmental Sciences/Ecology I have had experiences with faculty positions where for example at Lewis & Clarke there were 260 applicants for a faculty opening and here in Vermont at St Mikes 160. I received an interview in neither case.
OBAMA is proving eerily like Bush from issues as broad as his love of “Golf In War Times” to his treatment of Bradley Manning a citizen of the US in a manner befitting Abu Ghraib or Baghram.
I have no sympathy nor should any self-respecting progressive for any Obama supporter (WHO I voted for!) unable or unwilling to see what he has become and who has become his overseer(s). Maybe not the likes of the Koch Brothers but Goldman Sachs’ alumni is worse enough.
I can’t imagine how these people with or w/o a GED or maybe a BS are getting jobs as people like myself barely can get sub-$45,000 salary openings. David Brooks is living in La-La Land at this point but your partners-in-crime Herbert and Rich are hitting hard at Obama et al. Please continue to light the fire under those do-nothing Dems and know-nothing Republicans.
I think I speak for most of America when I say that it would be refreshing if in 2012 or 2014 we started to elect some of these unemployed or underemployed folks to congress regardless of their political affiliation, because then and only then would we have Beltway residents that have felt the frustration, disbelief, anger, and bewilderment that comes when you think you are taking all the right steps for all the right reasons with respect to employment only to see not just door after door shut in your face BUT never opened in the first place. Meanwhile we continue to promote free-trade agreements with Columbia and South Korea while we don’t even face the facts that GDP has flat-lined relative to population growth. The code words on Wall Street and corporate boardrooms for kicking us while we’re down “consolidation”, “efficiency discovery”, “M&A” are simply nice ways of saying that we aren’t going to even pretend that full employment would be worthwhile national goal.
The Great Decoupling of the haves and the have nots, food consumption from production, energy sustainability from energy prices, etc. is only in its infancy. At maturity it will be everywhere creating volatility the world has never seen and will be ill-equipped to cope with. Yet we continue to subsidize Wall Street, Big Oil, and Big Agribusiness none of which have the job multipliers that will get us out of this mess.

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