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Separating Fact From Fiction

2.8% and 170,000

These are the two numbers Wisconsin man-child Republican Congressman Paul Ryan is touting for his “A Roadmap for America’s Future: Version 2.0”. The first has to do with what he and the Heritage Foundation project will be the rate of US unemployment and the latter is what his manifesto says will be average US economic growth per capita by 2083 or put more magically a nearly four-fold increase over current US GDP per capita (See Page 30).

These are nonsense numbers and the kinds of voodoo economics that convinces “middle America” that Republicans like Ryan are on their side when as point of fact he and his fellow Wisconsin governor Scott Walker have no problem putting out this kind of BS with one hand while simultaneously taking in the largess of the Koch Brothers with their other hand.

The Democrats don’t have a spine to keep them stiff in the face of these types of mysterious headwinds, but to try and pass legislation with the promise of wine-and-roses is really ridiculous. Shared pain is necessary but we aren’t seeing that, rather the Military and Banking Industrial Complexes are getting off scott free while the rest of us subsidize their already bloated piggy banks.

Yes social security, medicare, and medicaid are a problem but much of that has to do with the exorbinant cost of drugs in this country and the fact that retirement age stays the same while average life expectancy continues skyward. We need to address retirement age by NOT raising it but rather tying it to years worked. Those that labor in our factories and have since they were teenagers should be able to draw on retirement far earlier than those that sit behind a desk like myself. I am not punishing my body everyday like they are and that needs to be reflected in the numbers. Those that engage in manual labor must have shorter working windows on which to draw retirement relative to people like myself or God Forbid those on Wall Street. Another issue is the fact that many prop up retirement by working overtime in the last 3-5 years, which is a joke. Gaming the system is dishonest and if we don’t want Wall Street and politicians to do it we can’t very well do it ourselves. I am not sure how we remedy this but it needs to be in a way that doesn’t bankrupt the system long-term at the expense of short-term 2nd and 3rd homes or exorbitant gifts bestowed upon one’s self.

Everyone that thinks rationally knows that unemployment will most likely never fall below 5% due to something called NIARU or Natural Inflation Adjusted Rate of Unemployment. Take a look at the attached graph if you don’t believe me to see the flatline we are on today. It is the cumulative growth in GDP divided by the cumulative growth in our population.


The only solution is honesty all around and haircuts for everyone but most importantly the shareholders, C-Class, and politicians that have so benefited from our country’s turn towards excess consumption, while farming out jobs and turning state against state in an effort to derive significant tax relief while netting “net jobs” for the communities they say the love. Really they are playing a game of Wolf Vs. Moose with you and me playing the role of the moose (See Below from the long-term Isle Royale Predator-Prey study).

This is not going to be made any better with politicians like Paul Ryan who refuse to tell Americans the truth while playing us against each other in order to aggregate power for himself and money for those that got him elected. This is not a partisan thing as I know that the same thing happened with the likes of Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, etc etc etc. The point is that this is the most recent example and it will only get worse with Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United. These are not serious people in DC and neither are their staffers, rather it is hucksters willing to prostitute out their minds and their votes every single day!

Paul Ryan is not unique nor is his work insightful. His rhetoric is based in some Knights of the Round Table time fantasy that has ZERO to do with reality. Yet, he is foisted on us as the next oracle of the Republican party sent to save us from ourselves. This is the type of thing I am sure many on the right would say about Barack Obama and at this point I frankly would have to agree with them. In God We Trust Everyone Else Bring Data!

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