Shocked and Persuaded


Separating Fact From Fiction

They Are Both Right

Well we finally had a higher up in the Obama administration rebut Hamid Karzai’s “occupier” accusations. The fact is that both sides in this little tiff are correct. We are occupiers and Karzai is nothing more or less than a well placed and insanely rich – and getting richer – heroine dealer if not addict.It was nice to see Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry come to the defense of his troops “When Americans, who are serving in your country at great cost — in terms of life and treasure — hear themselves compared with occupiers, told that they are only here to advance their own interest, and likened to the brutal enemies of the Afghan people, they are filled with confusion and grow weary of our effort here.”

It was also nice to hear Karzai call it how it is with respect to our motives in Afghanistan and for that matter Iraq. However, he has zero credibility at this point given his willingness to take from his Sugar Daddy with one hand and launch invective infused fireballs with the other. The same goes for our hectoring of Mexico and infusion of US made weaponry and technology to stop the flow of drugs northward without looking within at our structural issues related to drug addiction and the outlawing of benign drugs like marijuana and hallucinogenics. Our prisons are chalk full of petty criminals as even our right-wing dominated Supreme Court recently acknowledged albeit along partisan lines.

Karzai is not worth fighting for, dying for, or defending within the confines of the UN. He is to too greedy and hypocritical to prop up. He reminds me of that kid in high school or grade school that had a mental stranglehold on the strongest but dumbest kid in class and used to pillory the behemoth when he wasn’t around only to ascribe his words to his arch enemies when the unsuspecting “heavy” returned. Karzai will tell Obama and Bush before him anything to keep the likes of Blackwater and our military at his beck and call as he networks and profiteers, while simultaneously telling any Afghani that still listens to him how he is doing all he can to lift the yoke of oppression. He is doing nothing of the sort and in the meantime we are being played in the name of heroine and the consolidation of tribal power. Wait that sounds an awful lot like the post-Lehman bailout designed by MegaBank insider Hank Paulson! Hellow NEWMAN!!!!

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